• Dual 1080p Front and Rear Video Recording
  • Expanded ISO Range Up to ISO 12800
  • Advanced WDR Technology - Stunning Video in Any Light
  • Speed Camera Alert
  • Parking Surveillance
  • Support to 128GB Micro SD card
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  • Specifications
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Dual 1080p

The front and rear view of your vehicle are recorded in 1080p high definition quality; moreover, the image captured at ultra-wide view angle for all-around protection.
Expanded ISO Range Up to ISO 12800

DOD LS500W features a new SONY STARVIS CMOS sensor with improved sensitivity not only under normal lighting but also in low light and near infrared light condition.
Advanced WDR Technology
Stunning Video in Any Light

WDR technology, well-balanced exposure for every condition. It makes night shots brighter, and reduces strong light exposure to achieve the most beautiful picture.
Large f/1.6 Aperture
Super Low-Light Performance

Aperture size reflects the amount of lights reaching to sensor when you are recording. The bigger aperture (smaller f-number), the more lights will be captured in to the camera sensor. Featuring the widest dash cam aperture, 66% larger compare to competitors on the market, DOD produces the best quality images.
6G Sharp Glass Lens

6-Element sharp lens, made up of 6 layers of glass, provides stunning clear and non-deformed images.
145° Ultra Wide View Angle

Capture at a 145° wide viewing angle for optimal coverage and clarity.
ALL NEW upgraded Parking Surveillance 3.0

Select one of the 3 modes to cover different circumstances and this is exactly what you need: High-Res in Mini Size(by default), Auto Event Detection, and Time Lapse modes. Ensure your peace of mind by recording continually even when you have parked and left your car.
*It is recommended to use hardwiring kit equipped with low-voltage protection since this function requires stable power source and some "constantly-powered-electrical-outlet" operation will slowly drain your vehicle's battery.
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10Hz Speed GPS Processor

Integrated with the fastest 10Hz speed GPS, logging more precise data of vehicle location and speed. Allow you to record your route on a map while watching the videos in DOD player application.
DOD GPS Player V2.0

The DOD GPS Player V2.0 generates 1080p video recordings with real-time driving data clearly at a glance.
Speed Camera Alert

Remind you of approaching fixed speed camera locations well in advance so you can slow down in time. Stay away from traps and always stay in control.
* Currently supported region includes: US, CA, UK, NO, PL, NL, BE.
Sync Time & Date to the Atomic Clock

Thanks to the internal GPS module, the date and time displayed in your video can never go wrong.
Path Analysis

Calculate the total distance, travel time and average speed of your journey. It’s a very economical and practical way to save your time and fuel consumption.
G-Sensor Automatic Trigger for File Protection

When an impact, emergency brake occurred or the car tilted, the device will lock the current video files automatically. Important files will not be overwritten by loop recording.
Manual File-lock

When you want to save encountered events, simply press the SOS file-lock button to protect the file from being overwritten.
Automatically Records and Shutdown

After the car start, it will start to record automatically; moreover, the device will shut down with the vehicle without pressing any button.
Loop Recording

When the storage space is full, it can automatically overwrite the un-protected files.
Password Protection

After setting a password, you can prevent other people from deleting your videos/photos.
Support to 128GB Micro SD card

4X storage compatibility compare to predecessor model, supports up to 128GB with more than 18 hours of recording.
* Recommend Class C10 Memory Card.