How to install and hide wires in my vehicle?

  • Read the user manual for installation guide.
  • The power cable can be routed and hidden in the car's headliner and the pillar. For more installation tips and assistance please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwD8Ilk-MHU for a video tutorial.

How to check the current firmware version?
Press“Menu”button twice and select“Version”, then press“Confirm”button, the version number will be shown on screen.

How to update firmware?

  • Press“Menu”button twice.
  • Select“Version”to check the current version number.
  • Take out the SD card from your camera.
  • Put the SD card into a card reader and then plug it into your PC/Tablet's slot.
  • Download the latest firmware into the SD Card.
  • Insert the SD card into the unit.
  • Power the camera.
  • The device will reboot after the update is completed.
  • Format the SD card once finished firmware update.

How to review the recorded video?

  • Press“Mode”button twice and select the desired video clip, then press“Confirm”button to play video.
  • Or take out the SD card from the unit, insert it into a card reader, plug the card reader into your PC/Tablet's slot, and simply double-click the desired file to begin watching your recording.

Where can I find the locked file?
Please go to“RO”folder in the SD card.

How to disable the audio recording?

  • Press“Menu”button once and select“Record Audio”, then switch it off.
  • Audio setting can also be muted via the“Mute[ ]”on the device itself.